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    Equal to Sign & variable in YTD function

    shweta gupta

      Hi All,

      I am working on YTD function over Fiscal Year (From April my fiscal Year begins)

      for which I have created following variable:

      vYearStart = YearStart(Max(Date),0,4) as Soon as I use = sign infront of the variable while calling it using $ sign it changes my date value to 30-12-99., Without equals to it gives me the correct date.

      vYearMax = max(Year(Date))


      Now If i check my Range using:  '>=vYearStart<=vYearMax' i got - as Result. though individual variable are giving me result if I wont use = sign infront of them.


      It is not picking the Date range. Can someone please mention the points to check to get this resolve.

      (Possible mistake !!)



      Shweta Gupta