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    GetField Selection in YTD

    shweta gupta

      Hi All,


      I have used get selection with if condition in my variable. Variables are giving desired vales when put individually (Without using = sign).

      but while taking in range it fails.

      Need Suggestion


      vYearStart= If(GetfieldSelections(Month)<=1,(Yearstart(Max(Date),0,4)),



      vYearEnd= If(GetFieldSelections(Month)>0, Date(MonthEnd(Max(Date)),'DD/MM/YYYY'), Date((Max(Date)),'DD/MM/YYYY'))



      Range : '>=vYearStart<=vYearEnd' : No Result on using Range.



      YTD = Sum({<Date={'>=$(vYearStart)<=$(vYearEnd)'}>}Qty) : No Result.


      Suggestions Please !!