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    FIFO Concept for Inventory Stock Value

    Jayaseelan K

      Hi Every One,



      I have Confusion in calculating Inventory Stock value using FIFO Concept. I have Attached the Excel File about my desired output. 

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          qlik777 view777

          Hi Jayaseelan,


          Could u please elaborate more ...

          saw attached xl it looks clumsy





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            Lech Miszkiewicz



            Just by glancing at your XLS file i would assume that we have to precalculate buckets "OUT" for all buckets "IN"


            I would do following steps:

            • Load all IN transactions
            • Join all OUT transactions (out transactions joined to first line of IN transaction)
            • Calculate IN - OUT and using Pick function i would calculate cumulative OUT buckets until difference is < 0
            • For all IN Transactions you would have Price IN - Multiply your difference by this price so you would get Value OUT
            • Sum(ValueOut)

            This should be all done in script in order to allocate values properly.




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              Jayaseelan K

              Thank for your reply,


              FIFO Concept should be followed. First in comes item unit price should be calculated to first out item unit price.



              Consider the following example,


              Date           ItemCode    InQty  OutQty   unitprice   Value

              1/11/2016      12GH          5                        10          50

              2/11/2016      12GH          2                         8           16

              3/11/2016      12GH                      6           10&8       58



              From above example totaly i have 5 qty for 10rs as unit price 2 qty 8rs as unnit price. i need to calculate out unit price. 6 qty is out so i need to split the 6qty: 5 * 10 then 1 * 8  so my result is 58.