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    A message instead of the report

    Ruth Kfir

      Hello all ,

      Is there a way to send an e-mail message to the users if there is no Data who meets the filters or conditions of the report?

      Thanks in advance



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          Chris Wellington

          Yes, this is available in NPrinting 17.


          First, identify a chart in the QlikView report that will only have values when there is data that meets your filters/conditions.


          Then, create a Condition (App -> Condition) with the Rule that the specified chart "has values" or "has no values".


          Finally, in the Task you can specify the Condition under which the email will be sent. So far, I have only been able to send out emails if there is a report file included, even if it is blank, but maybe you'll find a way around that. 


          Finally, once you've done all the testing, do some more testing. 

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            Ruth Kfir

            Thanks Chris!

            We don't have NPrinting 17 yet.

            I solved it by creating another HTML report  with "No values" condition So If the original report has no data the HTML message is being sent.

            It's a bit complicated but it works...