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    need to show top ten records in pivot

    Gireesh Giri

      HI everyone,


      i need to show only top ten deal number based on opportunity at typical less than 1000K,in pivot table we have to sort in calculated  dimension, Please help me to modify the calculated dimension to get only top ten deal numbers based on [opportunity at typical]


      =if(aggr (sum(IF(Guidance_Method_for_APT='MBG',[Net Revenue for Guidance],IF(Guidance_Method_for_APT='DBG',[DBG Net Revenue for Guidance]))), [Deal Number without G])>1000000, null(), aggr(if(-rank($(vExpOppR))<=10 and $(vExpOppR) <> null(),[Deal Number without G],null()),[Deal Number without G]))

      !Below attached screen shot


      bottom ten deals.png