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    VERY annoying problem when switching between tabs (state involved)

      Dear All,


      Please can you assist me with the following issue.


      I have 2 tabs (1 of them has a state X so it will be called the X tab). The other one has no specific state allocated - so it will be Y tab.


      Those 2 tabs have something in common - customer number (but they are showing kinda different things  and have different sources so - i put them on separate tabs).


      All I want to do is when the user selects a customer number from TAB X and then clicks a button to be sent to TAB Y where the information will be already filtered based on the customer number. THIS WORKS for me so far. I used a variable that stores the getfieldselections(TAB X Field) function and then applies select field in TAB Y.


      However, when I am trying to do the opposite  (FROM TAB Y to TAB X) it just does not work. In the process of switching between tabs the value of the variable getfieldselections(TAB Y Field) gets lost. This alternate state of TAB Y does not let me transfer the value.


      Please can you help as this is really annoying.