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    Slider Object Problem

    Chris Hopkins


      I have a MULTI VALUE SLIDER OBJECT which i use to select a time range. I have a problem where if i make several selections then select a time range from the slider, all my other selections are cleared. And its the same if i select a time range first, then make other selections, the other selections clear my time range.

      I have a few triggers on my document but none of them relate to clearing selections and none of them relate to my slider field.

      Anyone know how i can stop this?

        • Slider Object Problem
          Chris Hopkins

          Any ideas on this?

          • Slider Object Problem


            Maybe your selection in the slider, change the values of others fields.

            Do you can post a qvw file??

            • Slider Object Problem

              I have the same issue, have you found a solution? Confused

                • Slider Object Problem
                  John Witherspoon

                  You're seeing exactly the behavior I would expect from two basic facts that I'm hopefully stating correctly:

                  1. QlikView only allows consistent selections, and usually clears older selections in favor of newer selections.
                  2. A multi-value slider selects every value in the range.

                  So let's take some sample data:

                  LOAD * INLINE [
                  Time, Status
                  1, A
                  2, B
                  3, C
                  4, D
                  5, E

                  Let's say we have a list box for Status and a slider for Time. Select A and C. Now click on 2 to begin selecting a range. As soon as you click on 2, you've selected 2. 2 is inconsistent with A and C, so the Status field is cleared. Expand the range to 2-4. That selects values 2-4. Now select status C. C is consistent with times 2-4, so the selection works and the time slider is not cleared. Try to control-click to add A. I actually expected it to clear the slider, but instead, it decided to not even allow me to add the A selection as its way of keeping a consistent set of selections. But I can just click on A. A is incompatible with 2-4, so the slider is cleared. You can then add C.

                  It's exactly the same behavior as you'd get with two list boxes, with a slight caveat. When we selected the RANGE of 2-4, we FIRST clicked on 2. That selected ONLY 2, so deselected C. If we use a list box to select the 2-4 range all at once, C will remain selected. That's the same as if we'd clicked on 3 first in the slider, then expanded the range. Or we can make C disappear by clicking first on 2 in the list box, then adding 3 and 4 with control-click.

                  So. Let's say you select A and C, then set your slider to 2-4. What do you WANT to happen instead of what actually happens?

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                    Chris Hopkins

                    hi, well my problem has been rectified now, it was my fault!!

                    I was selecting a time range that i had no transactions for, so as John states, it was clearing my other selections because there was no data present for the time range i selected.