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    Average of values only if more than 5 answers

    Carlos Daniel

      Hi there,


      I have a table with 10 columns. I'm trying to calculate the average of 5 highest and lowest columns, but i only want to calculate for the columns that have more than 5 answers. I've transformed this table into a crosstable that has (ID,column,value) .


      I'm creating a bar chart where i limit the dimension with a fixed value of 5, then i add a if(count(ID)>5, avg(value)). What happens is that the bar chart only shows items where the count is > 5. So, for the 5 lowest values, if one of the columns has a count below 5, that item does not appear in the chart, and the chart only shows 4 items.


      What i need is for the chart to "move on" to the next item, and always show 5 items.