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    To Date Selection should be Greater Than From Date

    Mohammad Sarif

      Hi All,

      I have one table and one date field VRU_NewDate. I had to make two date Filter From Date and To Date.

      I have created two Resident table and two variable fro that. Below is the script.




      Date(Floor([VRU_DateTime Arrived])) as VRU_From_Date

      Resident OLA_Service_Desk_VRU;




      Date(Floor([VRU_DateTime Arrived])) as VRU_To_Date

      Resident OLA_Service_Desk_VRU;


      Set v_FromDate = Min(VRU_From_Date);

      Set v_ToDate  = Max(VRU_To_Date);


      Data is coming fine.

      However user demands that when he will select any date from From Date filter, To Date filter will be showing Selected Date onward, not all dates.


      Could you please help me how to implement this.