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    Adhoc report in QlikSense

    Chenna Reddy

      Hi All,


      I am aware of QS OOB functionality in building Adhoc reports / chart by end users with the usage of Master Items.


      However, I'm in a need of building Adhoc report in Qlik Sense with following conditions


      1. Create Master Items using script (Read Attributes & Metrics from a file) or any third party tool with grouping by tag names

      2. Build a compatibility matrix between Attributes & Metrics through script, use case is as below.

              Though we build association between tables in QS app, all the attributes & metrics may not be compatible when we use them in to a single report. this matrix will help us in validating those situations.

      3. Validate compatibility between attributes & metrics dragged into a report.

        If a user has selected few attributes & metrics and created a report, due to few attributes combination, the report which he/she has created showing wrong output. To enable user about those wrong combinations, we need to have a validation method.


      I would like to know with all the above conditions, is there any way (extensions / API's etc) to build this functionality in Qlik Sense


      Got some info on doing #1 & #2 , but #3 is becoming challenging as this requires identifying columns used in the report & validate if they are valid combinations.


      Your suggestions are more helpful.