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    create Time from field called WMSTransactionTime


      trying to make fields HH MM SS from the word WMSTransactionTime - but having a little bit of an issue. Can someone please tell me if I am on the right track?



      maketime(left(SH_Time,2), mid(SH_Time,3,2), right(SH_Time,2)) as [WMSTransactionTime],



      WMS_TransactionTime as WMS_TransactionTime,

      Hour(WMS_TransactionTime) as WMS_TransactionTime_Hour,

      Minute(WMS_TransactionTime) as WMS_TransactionTime_Minute,

      Second(WMS_TransactionTime) as WMS_TransactionTime_Second;


      receive the following message during debug

      Table not found
      Store WMS_TransactionTime into ..\..\QVD\WMS_TransactionTime_Transform.qvd (qvd)


      is the message because the fields are blank?