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    Ignore a filter, but not totaly!!!

    Matheus Colares

      Hi guys.

        Attached there is a example what i need, let me explain:

      When i filter the ID_PRODUCT 88776, i see who much my company sold that product, and the chart 2 i have the sell the all product witch have same ID_SIMILIR, (i mean, when i put a product X in offer, consequently i put the product Y too)  but in the chart 3, i dont wanna sum just values about that product in filter, i want sum all value about that GROUP...but i dont wanna show aaall GROUP, just GROUP reference ID_PRODUCT_OFFER, but char 3 sum all values reference the GROUP...

      In the other words, chart 3 must be : I LOVE BEER : 7,81


      I used set analysis, and i get so closed, but i cant show just GROUP i need.


      Somebody help me?