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    New License is not getting Assigned to Users.

    Pankaj Sinha



      One of my customers updated from SBS to EBS and brought a new pack of 10 DOC Cals in August.

      He assigned the DOC Cals to 2 users only and rest were kept for later use. The License is valid till August 2017.


      Now, in November, when he is trying to assign the CALS to users, it is not getting assigned.

      The user appears in the list on the Server, but when he tries to access the application from Access Point, that application is not visible to him.

      There is no Section Access on that application.

      There are near about 10 applications hosted on the server and each application is having the same issue. Not even a single application is displayed at Access Point for this new user.

      NAMED CALS are working fine.

      They are using LDAP for user access.