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    Qlik Sense and JIRA  - User Credentials and Custom Fields

    Jessica Malenfant

      Hi community -

      We want to use JIRA data from 2 separate JIRA instances in a new Qlik Sense app but we're running into a few issues that I'm sure someone smart on here has already figured out!


      How should we set up the Qlik Sense server to access the JIRA users? There must be an easier way than exporting the users from JIRA and adding them to the Sense Server as someone on my team suggested.


      Names for JIRA custom fields: Wondering if there is an easier way than to manually change the script, that is prone to error and not scalable as new custom fields are added?

      We're trying to use 2 API calls with the Qlik Sense rest connector:

      1. a call to a specific JIRA filter

      2. a call to get the custom fields and names - https://ourprojectname.atlassian.net/rest/api/latest/field/


      But when we load the data from both calls into an app, running into issues where we have no idea how to just create a simple table with JIRA issues and columns that display the actual name for a custom field, not the ID.


      Any thoughts on this? I'm guessing this is a common issue.


      I read this question from someone else but it sounds like most people said to manually change the script-