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    Exception while trying to restore Qlik Sense Site with RSM

    omar bensalem

      eI'm facing some troubles while trying to backup then restore a QlikSense site. Here is what I did : (I followed the help https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/3.1/Subsystems/PlanningQlikSenseDeployments/Content/Server/Server-Backup-Restore-Site-Using-RSM.htm)

      1) Backup: For the backup, I've chosen to work with RSM:

      a) I created a new folder in which I copied the RepositorySnapshotManager

      b) I also prepared a backup folder "BackupSense" c ) I opened the cmd , placed my self under the folder where I've put the RepositorySnapshotManager : cd "c:/RSM/" then I taped this : RepositorySnapshotManager.exe -backup -path="C:\Users\Administrateur\Desktop\BackupSense" -databasePassword="*****" (the backup is a success)


      2) I then uninstalled the QlikSense to try to restore it in the same server:

      a) I've put the Qlik_Sense_setup.exe in a folder

      b) I have my backup sense folder

      c) I then tried to restore the site by typing this in the cmd after placing my self in the folder where the rsm.exe exists: RepositorySnapshotManager.exe -restore -path=C:\Users\Administrateur\Desktop\BackupSense -installer=C:\Users\Administrateur\Desktop\InstallSense -databasePassword="****"-u="WIN-Q887L4EMVDQ\administrateur" -p="********"

      But when I do so, I have first of all a warning telling me that I haven't entered user credentials while I did : WIN-Q887L4EMVDQ\administrateur which the same user I used in the first installation


      I continue and then appear the exception: