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    How to sort filter pane( in another state) by expression??


      I have a filter pane consisting of 3 values MOM,QOQ and YOY, based on any selection made in the type fields i want my "From Dates" and "To Dates" sorted by those values( Please see attached screenshot). Then based on the selection made in each dates( From and To) i want values to individually reflect in 2 different Bar Charts. I have used Alternate States extension object to implement this however i have added 2 filter panes for the 3 values one for For Date type and the other for To Date type . I feel the 2nd one doesn't make sense and is repetitive. How can i sort the To Date filter based on selection made in For Date Type. eg:- If the user selects MOM i want both filter panes( For and To) to be sorted .. I tried to use expression in the sorting tab by writing {Alt} type. However this is throwing an error.

      and is not bale to read values from original state until you use an aggregate function like sum({Alt} sales). The screenshot attached is self - explanatory and thanks in advance.