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    Recurring events on Google Calendar

    Céline Denis

      Hi !


      Is there any of you who have already tried to get the instances of a recurring event on Google Calendar ?

      I mean :  in Google Calendar, there is a table "Events" which counts all the events. This one is clean and clear.

      The issue is about recurring events which are stored on the basic event, there is a field " Recurrence" which is well filled with the rule of recurrence (Frequency, days concerned, interval…).


      So I have two questions:

      Did anyone already worked on these recurrences to get one line by event (resulting from a recurrence or not)?

      Did you already find the modified instances of a recurring event?

      For example, if we are on a weekly event which goes from Monday to Wednesday and which was exceptionally moved from Tuesday to Thursday over one week particular.


      Thanks for your help!

      FYI, I am working on Qlik Sense with Qlik Web Connectors and Qlik Rest Connector.