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    QlikLearn - Set Analysis ; looking for the qvw example

    Amien Amien

      i have been watching this screencast, but i can't find the qvw attachment. screencast says its availible ..but i can't find it.

      Anyone got for me a link or can upload it?




      On-Demand Webinar

      QlikLearn - Set Analysis

      This QlikLearn session focuses on set analysis - an area which many QlikView users require clarification and best practices of use and development in order to properly utilize this powerful function found in QlikView. Join us for this hour-long session where QlikView consultant, Tom Mackay, takes you through all things set analysis.

      This session includes:

      • a clear definition and understanding of Set Analysis.
      • reasoning behind the use of Set Analysis.
      • examples of how end users utilize the Set Analysis function.
      • an actual demonstration of the development and use of Set Analysis.