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    How to sychronize QV-Reload and NPrinting task execution

    Michael Rieskamp

      Hi every one,


      we are working with NPrinting V.17.2.1.


      With the QV Management Console we start a reload of a x.qvw at 12 am. The reloading time depends on the amount of reloading data.

      Direct after reloading we want to create a report with NPrinting and send an email to our customers. How can synchronize this ? Are there any ideas ?


      One idea could be to create a variable in the x.qvw (e.g. IsQVreloaded) and to set a condition in the execution task. The task in NPrinting can now poll on this  IsQVreloaded variable. But when the variable is true and the the Email was sent, how can I stop the polling (the Email should send only once) ?


      Many thanks in advance.

      Best Regards