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    Perform calculations based on certain cells in a column.


      I'm new to Qlik. I'm trying to create a dashboard for a backpacker hostel. I want to calculate occupancy based on grouping of room types. I have the following data:

      Example, I need to find the combined available inventory on each of the dates for

      Standard Rooms + Deluxe Rooms + Luxury Rooms + Designer Suites

      6 Bed Mixed Dorm + 8 Bed Mixed Dorm

      Can anyone help me with this?


      Hotel CodeRoom TypesTotal InventoryAvailable InventoryDateBlocked Rooms
      10566 Bed Mixed Dorm18148/1/20160
      10568 Bed Mixed Dorm32248/1/20160
      1056Standard Rooms1448/1/20163
      1056Deluxe Rooms848/1/20161
      1056Luxury Rooms758/1/20160
      1056Designer Suites228/1/20160
      10566 Bed Female Dorm618/1/20160
      10566 Bed Mixed Dorm18138/2/20160
      10568 Bed Mixed Dorm32208/2/20160
      1056Standard Rooms1418/2/20164
      1056Deluxe Rooms848/2/20161
      1056Luxury Rooms758/2/20160
      1056Designer Suites228/2/20160
      10566 Bed Female Dorm638/2/20160