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    Qlikview Management Console - Running Tasks

    Sean Potter



      Does anyone know of a way to find out who has started a "Run" on a task in the Qlikview Management Console?


      We have multiple users around the business that have access to QMC and so can run jobs as and when they need to. However, sometimes these jobs fail and although we can determine why the jobs have failed, we cannot determine who started the jobs in the first place.


      Is this possible at all?





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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          It is possible if you enable the Audit Log for the QMC (not the acitivy log) in the QVManagementService.exe.config file, by adding:


          <!-- ****** Audit logging ****** -->


          <!-- Enable logging of changes to QVPR. Requires restart of QMS after change. -->

          <add key="EnableAuditLogging" value="true"/>

          <!-- Folder where audit logs should be stored. Default is ApplicationDataFolder\AuditLog - -->

          <add key="AuditLogFolder" value="C:\LogFolder\QMSLogs"/>

          <!-- The maximum number of days to keep audit logs -->

          <add key="AuditLogKeepMaxDays" value="14"/>