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    Table name need included on sheet

    Robert Winkel

      I have 90 excel files all setup the same as below.  I can pull them all in but I need to include the file name with all the data from that file.

      It is also in the data but I had to skip the first four rows to get to the data.

      Is it possible to link the file name to the data?





      [Need to be displayed in app]:
      LOAD [Date]
      [Reported to PMD Employee:]
      [Reported by Facility Employee:]
      [Issue Code]
      [Immediate PMD Action Taken]
      [Addt'l Follow Up]
      [By PMD Employee]
      [Completed on]
      [Last Cart Audit Completed]
      [House Stock List]
      [Materials  / Memo Distributed]
      [In-Service Given (List Topic / which shifts given to)]
      [Survey Dates and Gap Fill Approved]
      [Facility Meeting Attended (List Type - i.e. QA
      [Root Cause Analysis]
      [Checked out with DON/ADMIN ( or attempted w/whom)]
      FROM [lib://AttachedFiles/Need to be displayed in app.xlsx]
      (ooxml embedded labels header is 4 lines table is [Need to be displayed in app]);