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    Widget Examples Improved R&D Request

    Buck Master

      Michael, it appears that many are challenged by task of creating and building custom widgets in Sense which by the way is awesome. Anyway would it be possible to add to the examples a fully loaded table widget that has every possible function added so that developers can better understand how to deliver quick HTML/CSS tables with improved visual abilities.  The one in the examples lib are weak and fall short for most developers who want to get started and improve visuals and boost Sense appeal to their business users.

      Like for example:

      1. Header/Footer control of background/text size & color
      2. Better SubTotal/Totals shown at the bottom/top either frozen to the bottom/top of the object or scrollable to see
      3. Row coloring based on negative/positive values

      These would pay big benefits to the community at large and help stop the conversations developers have concerning competitor products that seem to have better marketing or visuals.

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Walter et al - I have added swr to this thread.


          (as per our email conversation)


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