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    Qlik Sense. Recover dataset.

    rbfx rbfx

      1)    Today, I updated Desktop version to the latest one.

      2)    When I exported data, the app has been stucked and I refreshed it + cleared the cache in Dev Tools/ Settings.

      3)    Currently, the dataset is not loading. I see the bubbles. See the screen.

      4)    I tried to reload, repaired the Qlik Sense version – re-updated it.

      5)    It doesn’t help me.


      Could you please help me – I worked a lot on this dataset – more than 3 months?

      a)    May I have a chance to restore it on my desktop version?

      b)    I uploaded the App on: 2016-11-28 12:19 PM to My Shared Cloud. Is it possible to export this dataset from Cloud? It’s one of the latest version – there were minor changes.