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    how to write a basic expression


      Hi guys,

      I am totally new to QlikView. I am using a personal edition. I've played around a little with objects but never tried writing expressions.

      Now i have a problem:

      I have a date as one of my fields in a table-box --- "creation date". I need to create an input object -- so that the user should be able to input "date" and he should view only the data in the "table-box" that has date-field value ON or AFTER that date.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.



        • how to write a basic expression

          Why don't you create a list box for the 'creation date' field. Once created simply click on the list box and type >= followed by the date of the data that you would like to view. Do not put any spaces between the >= and the date (ex: >=10/13/2010).


          I hope this helps!