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    Line Chart: hide null dimension from expression.



      Is it possible to hide Null dimension from legend but include values in expression?




      ProjectProject TypeRevenuePeriod
      project 110001/2016
      project 110002/2016
      project 2A20002/2016
      project 330003/2016
      project 4B40003/2016
      project 4B40004/2016


      My chart has two dimensions: Period and cyclic group with Project and Project Type as dimensions. So you can view revenue over period by project type and project. Since all projects do not have Project Type, you will have null value in legend. However, requirement is that when there is no value in project type only Total is to be shown. And when there is value, Project Type in addition to Total is to be shown.


      This is easily done with three expressions and set analysis but then I cannot use cyclic dimension. Does anyone know if there is a way to solve this?