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    How to capture the actual data load event?

    Andrei Nikiforov

      Hi All,


      Is there any way to capture the actual data load event?


      Let me explain.


      I need to run a file loader task every 15 min.

      This task polls for the file, simply exits if no file, loads when the file is there.


      Once the file is loaded (and only when the file is loaded) I need to load the app with the dashboards.


      The only option I can think of is creation of some trigger file when actual load takes place and add a bit of logic to the dashboard loader to exit if there's no trigger file. This will allow me to use task event and simply have a quick dry run when there's no trigger file.


      However the solution looks a bit convoluted to me.


      I'm new to Qlik Sense.

      If anyone had to deal with a similar task, please could you share how you handled it.


      Thank you in advance for any input.