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    Performance issues after application of Microsoft Security Patch KB3197873

      After upgrading our QlikView Publisher QA environment server with the Microsoft Security Patch KB3197873 the report generation timers has increased by up to a factor 50.


      An example is report that normally takes 2 minutes to generate, now takes 50+ minutes to generate.


      One strange thing I am seeing is that the logical processer “CPU 1” runs almost constantly at 100% load as well as the Kernel times.
      On the other logical processers, the graph is moving much more smoothly.


      On our non MS Patched Production environment we do not see the same CPU behavior or performance issues.


      Any idea where we should be looking?

        • Re: Performance issues after application of Microsoft Security Patch KB3197873
          Maxim Senin

          Hi Philip,


          Two questions:

          1. Did you try running with and without this update in order to compare and to make sure it's the cause?

          It's quite easy if you have a virtual environment, otherwise only uninstallation could help.


          2. Are you sure there were no other changes to the OS or QVS configuration?

          For instance, CPU performance strongly depends on memory slots/channels being used by QV applications. In case an application is loaded into a memory which is not dedicated for CPU than it will take longer time for calculation. Not so big as you mention, but this is the fact.


          Please share you observations, it's very interesting.


          Thanking you in advance.


          Best regards,