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    Qlik Sense - Dynamic coloring

    John Schmidt



      i'm making my first steps with Qlik Sense and i'm having trouble with dynamic coloring of my bar chart.

      I have a dummy bar chart with one dimension (ACTION) and two integer values '(THIS_WEEK)' and '(THIS_WEEK) - (LAST_WEEK)'.

      The last value is calculated as a formular as can be seen above.


      What i want to do:

      Value '(THIS_WEEK)' is supposed to have a fixed color value.

      The formular value is supposed to be red when < 0 and green when > 0.


      I cant really believe that setting specific dynamic color values cant be done using the gui but well ...

      I have red some other threads here and i cant really get it to work. My color formular is always being applied to both values but i would like

      to apply one for one value and one for the other value.


      Can somebody help me with this?


      Thanks in advance.

        • Re: Qlik Sense - Dynamic coloring
          thomas le gall

          Maybe you should look at the valuelist() function.


          For example (for you to understand how it works)


          Put in dimension :




          Put in Expression:

          if(valuelist('FirstValue','SecondValue')='FirstValue', 10000,2000)


          put in color expression:

          if(valuelist('FirstValue','SecondValue')='FirstValue', red(),green())