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    Finding the actual temperature as well as the temperature 12h ago

    Thorsten Alxneit

      Dear all,


      I am currently working on a topic and can't find the solution:


      Description of data:

      I have two datasets:

      1. List of accidents (incl. Date of accident, No, type of car, Allignment to the Weather Station (ID) etc.)

      2. Huge set of Weather data (incl. ID, Date, temperature, amount of precipitation)


      So, I set the load script having the weather station of both tables as ID


      Here is my question:

      I want to design a table, having:

      - the number

      - the date

      - the temperature

      - the temperature 12 hours ago.


      I was trying to use the Above() function, but that didn't work.

      Any other ideas?


      Thank you very much and I hope I described it clearly.