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    Inner join on timestamps not working

    Dirk Fischer

      Hello experts,


      I'm struggeling with a piece of code,where I can't explain the behaviour and hope to get some help here. I do an interval match on the field OPP_END and then I want to join the fields IPP_NO and %ID_IPP into the table OPBP. It working with one type of files, where the timestamp is accurate to a second. If I use another type of files, where the timestamps are more detailled (down to miliseconds) it's not working anymore, although after the interval match, the table OPBP still has all the datasets. So for some reason the inner join is not working, although I take the fields to join on directly from the table IPP.


      Does anybody see something wrong in my code or is there some experience saying, keep to timestamps as numbers to avoid this Kind of Trouble?


      Already in advance, thank you very much for your help.


      Best regards,




      Inner Join (OPBP) IntervalMatch( OPP_END, %MACHINE_ID )

      Load Distinct




      Resident IPP

      Where IPP_NO > 0;

      Let vNoOfRows = NoOfRows( 'OPBP' );

      TRACE 'After join IntervalMatch OPBP has ' & '$(vNoOfRows)' & ' rows.';


      Inner Join (OPBP)

      Load Distinct 





      Resident IPP

      Where Exists(IPP_START) And Exists(IPP_END);