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    Qliksense Governance Dashboard

    Ravinder Reddy



      I want to configure the governance dashboard in qliksense which is not yet released by qlik.

      I see that Governance dashboard can be configure by using Node.js.

      Any of you have done the Governance dashboard in qliksense




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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          The Governance Dashboard uses data and logs that Qlikview Server generates. Qlik Sense doesn't generate the same data in the same format and logs, but other data. Use the Operations Monitor Qlik Sense app instead.

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            Ravinder Reddy

            Hey wassenaar,


            Here is the link where you can find document on Qliksense governance

            Qlik Branch

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                Mike Granillo



                I thought about doing this but couldn't get approval from our IT department.  You'll need to install node on your Qlik server or export the server certificates to establish a connection.  You'll also need to configure the connection in the node config file.  The data generating scripts should be good to go. 


                You'll probably want to automate the running of the node scripts.  Not sure how to do that.  As I said, I didn't get very far with implementing due to our restrictions.  If you can do it though, it seems worth the endeavor.  There's a lot useful data in the app.


                If you use Qlik Sense Desktop as your dev environment, it's possible to configure the scripts to run against the Desktop. You should read about Qsocks and how that works before you try to set anything up.



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                  Jeffrey Goldberg

                  Ravinder, Apologies for the late reply.   rvr owns the Qlik Sense Governance Dashboard project.  It is a great tool.  It takes a little bit of configuration, but once you have it running the process is smooth and the app generated from the data is AMAZING.

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                      Ravinder Reddy



                      Thanks for your response and i really like the tool and  i have implemented the Dashboard in of our environment and it was giving good results as expected. waiting for new release from rvr i.e it is going to be installer.




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                        Michael Ricker

                        We recently tried the Qlik Branch project and I agree with Jeffrey it is a really nice utility and application, a lot of effort put into it.   There are a few items to be aware of if you will use this utility:


                        1. The node.js code currently uses the npm qsock library which is officially deprecated, it still works on our 3.2 server but I would except another upgrade or two and the API may get out of sync.  The project probably needs a port to enigma.js (if the developer reads this I might give it a go and send you a note via github!)


                        2. There the js2xmlparser calls needed some housekeeping


                        3. The utility will run off server via node, but you have to make sure you are managing your qps proxy whitelist entries and account access as the API calls use ticket authentication via qsock.


                        Hope that helps anyone out, pretty clever design to convert the JSON to XML for dashboard loading.  Well done!

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                      balraj ahlawat

                      Hey Ravinder,


                      Can you please share, from where I can see/download Qliksense Governance Dashbaord?


                      I am into a similar requirement and need your assistance.



                      Balraj Ahlawat