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    Chart sorting

    Steve Holmes

      I have a chart of events by age group, where the age group is in 5-year bands starting at '00-04','05-09' and ending at '85+'.  I've set the chart to sort alphabetically.

      Until recently, this worked perfectly:  '00-04' on the left, and '80-84' towards the end, followed by '85+'.  I have now found - is this with Qlik Sense V3.1, or did it slip in unnoticed? - that the chart starts with '85+' on the left.  (It's not a reverse order, by the way.)  The x-axis order, still sorted alphabetically, is '85+', '00-04', '05-09' ... up to '80-84'.

      I've managed an ugly fix, using 'Over 84' instead of '85+', but I have to ask (with less urgency), doesn't 85 come after 80 in an alphabetical sort?