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    Selections not flowing through to NPrinting

    Daniel Fleisher

      I have a dashboard where the user is forced to select one client. They can then run the On-Demand Nprinting report for that client.

      At first, the reports weren't generating at all. It was just hanging. Then I saved the QVW with a client selected, published it, and the report generated for the client. However, no matter what client I change my filter to, it still always generates the report for the original client that was selected when I published it.


      I set up a test report with one formula: Count(Distinct [Client Name]), and nothing else. I saved/published the dashboard with no selections, and ran that report. It returned a value of approximately 30,000. I then selected ONE client, and ran it again. It still returned the 30,000. Now I know why it was hanging initially - it was trying to generate reports for all 30,000 clients!


      Any ideas on why the selections wouldn't flow through to NPrinting? I can't figure this out!

      We have NPrinting 16.3