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    Table connector

      I am a new user of Qlik and i am trying to create my first dashboard from tables located in Peachtree Accounting 2011 software using ODBC connection. I am able to load tables but there is no connector linking the tables so i am not able to see a relationship in the list box. Can someone tell me if it is possible to link tables manually or is it that i am doing something wrong.

      Looking foward to a solution


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          Renjith PL


          I think you have to concatenate the table, read the concatenate function from the tutorial, that may give you an idea.



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            Chris Cools


            i also use tables via ODBC, and i rename the fieldnames in the loading script from tables that i want to be linked.

            for example:

            SQL SELECT loc1 as LOCATIE,
            FROM qryLocMet1ArtAlsPicklocatie2;
            SQL SELECT Loc2 as LOCATIE,
            FROM qryLocMet1ArtAlsPicklocatieMaar2Art;

            Loc1 and Loc2 are the same information but in a different table, by renaming them as 'LOCATIE', they are





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              Jonathan Dienst


              Qlikview links tables when they contain a field with the same name, as in Chris' example above.