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    Section Access in Acces Point without Publisher

    Oliver Richter


      we use the QlikView Server without the publisher (we're a small company - only 6 QV Licenses) and want to restrict the access of some parts of our QlikView documents. I've heard about "Section Access".


      I read here in this community that there are some issues when it comes to using section access in an access point and now I can confirm the problems.


      I would like to use section access with NTNAME, ACCESS like


      LOAD * INLINE [


      Admin, User1

      Admin, User2

      User, User3

      User, User4





      The script reloads without problems in desktop application and when it comes to reloading in QMC, I got the error "Document open call failed. The document might require username and password.".


      I also checked the box "data protection -> section access" in QMC -> Documents -> Reload and filled in the domain an the name of the QlikView Service-User (ourdomain\QVService) and also the password.


      I also checked the box for data restriction in the configuration of the qvw file.


      I also tried out this way: Section Access with QV Access Point - but without any success.


      Can someone help me please?


      Thanks in advance