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    Change a MINUS to POSITIVE

    Chris Hopkins


      Is there an easy way of changing a MINUS figure to a positive figure in an expression?

      I have to use an expression to calculate a column. I am calculating 2 fields (SalesValue and RSPValueDiff)

      SalesValue = the price the product was sold for

      RSPValueDiff = The difference between the current RSP (standard price) and the SalesValue (the Actual selling price)

      I have not got a field which gives me the RSP, so i am trying to calculate it by adding the 2 fields above together. the problem i have is that the RSPValueDiff is a MINUS figure.


      Coca cola sold for 0.55 pence (SalesValue) which is -0.20 pence lower than the RSP (RSPValueDiff) . but if i add both fields up, i would get 0.35 Pence, when it should add up to 0.75 pence.

      How can i calculate the RSP correctly?