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    How to calculated weights or using aggregates of aggregates over multiple dimensions?


      I'm just starting in Qlikview and stumbled quit hard upon this problem. I've attached an Excel-file to clarify my goals. In an 'answer' to this post I'll send a .qvw as well, to show you my progress (not) so far.

      In the excel-file I constructed a dataset consisting of a number of goods and total costs per line. These are reported with an id (e.g. firm) and category (e.g. type of product). With this data I calculate the total costs per id. And the total costs per id if the costs per item were equal to the average of the costs among all records for that category (weighted by the number).

      These two total costs are plotted in a bar-chart.

      When I tried to do the same in Qlikview I came to the point that the adjusted costs per category per id were calculated. To sum these is out of my current skill-set, I'm afraid, but I'm open for suggestions.

      regards, Simon