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    Need help in calculation

    Seshu S

      Hello All,


      I have a pivot table where my

      1.  "Column 1" dimension in Rows

      2.  "Quarter"  dimension in Column. This changes dynamically based the date selected.It will  always display 3 quarters.

                if(Date >='$(vRolling3QtrStartDate)' and Date<= '$vRolling3QtrEndDate)', Quarter)

      3.    Measure is an calculation =  Sum(X)/Sum(total(X).





      I need some help in calculating my measure,  where i  can display the measure as a Weighted Average of all the 3 months that falls under particular quarter. Say suppose if I select a date 11/25/2016. I will display 3 completed quarters as Q1, Q2, Q3 of 2016.

      and i want the measure for Q1 and XYZ1 combination as weighted average of all the 3 months that fall under that Q1.

      Any ideas or suggestions? I hope i haven't confused.