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    Help with displaying data

    Chris Hopkins


      I need help with how my data is displayed...

      I am wring an app to report on WASTE and REDUCTIONS. there are several WASTE / REDUCTIONS reason descriptions. I am displaying the results in a STRAIGHT TABLE and I have a Drill-Down group with 5 drilldown functions.



      SUB CAT



      The problem i am facing is that if a product has been sold at a reduced price for multiple reasons

      e.g. 1 bottle of coca cola was sold reduced (manually) , and 1 bottle of coca cola was sold reduced (by scanning a reduced to clear label)

      this gives 2 reasons for the same product description. So when the end user has selected DEPT from the drill-down group, there will be 2 instances of SOFT DRINKS.

      I would want the DEPT, CAT, SUB CAT to only show 1 instance . then when the user selects PRODUCT, this would display both reasons for the user to analyse.

      Can anyone tell me how i could achieve this?

        • Help with displaying data
          Karl Pover

          Is there a reason why you don't use a pivot table?

          Also, you could use the concat() function to combine reasons in one row. You might even be able to do an if that is like the following:



            • Help with displaying data
              Chris Hopkins

              Thanks Karl, i will try that.

              The reason i havn't used a pivot table, is that although this would solve that problem, the column REASON is hidden until the user selects PRODUCT from the drill-down. If i use a pivot table, this would take the ability to conditionally hide columns. :(