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    Renaming text within a field

    Chris Hopkins


      I have a MULTI BOX with 1 of the drop downs displaying a REASON DESCRIPTION.

      The REASON DESCRIPTIONS are as follows...

      Wastage Standard

      Wastage Reduced RSP

      Wastage Newspapers

      P/O Damages (Picco)

      P/O Damages (Cashier)

      P/O Pricing Errors (Cashier)

      P/O RDC Sell Offs (Cashier)

      P/O RDC Sell Offs (Picco)

      P/O RTC (Cashier)

      P/O RTC (Picco)

      I want to make it a bit more user friendly by renaming as follows...

      Anything starting with P/O added together and renamed 'Price Over'

      Anything starting with Wastage added together and renamed to 'Wastage'

      so the drop down will only have the 2 descriptions as renamed above.

      Can someone tell me how to do this please?