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    Problems learning How to Use Set Analysis - functions in set analysis

    Jefferson Mazur da Silva

      Hi everyone,


      I've been working with qlik sense since October and I have issues frequently trying to use examples I find on the web.

      At this moment I use the 3.1 version in a qliksenseserver 10.7.1, "About" says. I don't use any client, just the web.

      I'm not the IT administrator, so I can't set up the scripts or create new ones.

      I only have the set analysis and the filters to work with.

      I'm attaching the last file I'm using to learn.

      Where could I find good examples or some papers to learn considering the situation above?

      I find the help section is not useful to me. 

      To give you guys one example, I'm trying to use the follow function to calculate the sum of sales of the year:

      Sum({$<[Calendar.Year]={"$(=max({1}[Calendar.Year]))"} [Orders.SalesValue])

      The result is "-".

      But, when I create a new object with max({1}[Calendar.Year]), Qlik Sense returns 2016.

      I tried to replace " " for '' or nothing, but it still doesn't work.

      Those situations don't allow me improve my skills on qlik sense.

      I hope you can help me.

      Thank you very much