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    User Passwords on QlikView Management Console (QMC)

    Julian Pool


      We have local windows user accounts that can access the QMC. However their passwords expire after a period of time. As the computer is not on a domain (in a WORKGROUP) is there anyway for our users to be prompted to reset or change their passwords for the QMC?

      I don't think this would be possible due to their accounts being local users on the server, but checking in case there is a solution, or to see how people manage this.


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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          You could install software on that server that can send emails and then schedule tasks to send emails every n months to remind users to change the password. It has absolutely nothing to do with Qlikview however.

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            Peter Cammaert

            I don't think there are many people managing this because businesses have at least some form of AD in use.


            Your problem is that access to the QMC is a browser affair. If Windows doesn't recognize you as an authorised user to access server resources, it will make your browser challenge you to produce valid credentials. The problem is that this challenge cannot reset passwords, it can only accept credentials which will be sent to the server, verified and rejected if they don't prove to be valid. The process that can accept old credentials and ask you for a new password is the login program, but that one will only run on the server itself (try RDP).


            Either start using AD which makes life a whole lot easier for any business, or let passwords be managed manually by your sysadmin. All other hacks or "solutions" (like disabling password expiration altogether) may pose increased security risks for you company infrastructure.

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              Julian Pool

              Thanks for the responses guys. It's pretty much what I expected to hear, but wanted to be sure.