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    Concatenated Loads in Qlik Sense Cloud

      Good afternoon,


      I have several generations of my fact table all with identically named columns. I want to concatenate them (appending the most recent to the file). I load each file into My Data Files and then load data from My Data files into my app. It seems that each time all files are reloaded as the first load takes about 20 seconds and with nine files it's more like 2.5 minutes. How can I avoid this and only load new data? Many thanks in advance

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          Robert Hutchings



          You can't do this. All data is reloaded (there is a partial load option in View)


          There are two options though


          • Create a QVD of the old data and then load the QVD plus new data. This is often much quicker to reload. This can be done in various ways
          • You can also do a binary load. This is very quick. But this would need two Apps. One for the old dates (say previous months or whatever) and one for say the current month


          I have done both depending on circumstances