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    Qlik Sense free version have time limit ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      I just like to ask that it is the free version Qlik sense it have have time limit it is ? I mean for example Ver 3.1 , it will work from now till 2017 June ( Just estimate ) , meaning user must update to new version , otherwise it will not able to open the doc.


      Hope some one can confirm with me on this. thank



        • Re: Qlik Sense free version have time limit ?
          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Read the FAQ: Qlik Sense Desktop Support FAQ


          Does my instance of Qlik Sense Desktop ever expire?

          It won’t expire, but it will require updates. It is our intent to have users of our Desktop product continue to upgrade to stay on the most current release. Anyone can use Qlik Sense Desktop for the long term if they keep updating as needed. Users will be notified that there version needs to be upgraded to continue to use Qlik Sense Desktop.


          What do I have to do after Qlik Sense Desktop requires an update on my machine?

          You will have to uninstall Qlik Sense Desktop. Your visualization apps will still work. There will be subsequent releases of Qlik Sense Desktop to replace this version.


          Will the apps I create in Qlik Sense Desktop expire?

          No, they will not expire and can be moved to another, newer instance of Qlik Sense Desktop.