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    Qlikview script forgetting table names


      Here's the script in question:


      LOAD @1, @1 as Taxonomy, text(purgechar(trim(@2),'.')) as Diag1, text(purgechar(trim(@3),'.')) as Diag2, text(purgechar(trim(@4),'.')) as Diag3, text(purgechar(trim(@5),'.')) as Diag4
      FROM C:\Users\kkorynta\Desktop\Cardiology_and_Gastroenterology_Diagnosis_Mix.txt (txt, codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is '@', msq);

      LOAD TAXONOMY_PK as [Taxonomy], [TAXONOMY FIELD] as [Taxonomy Category]
      FROM [C:\Users\kkorynta\Documents\Big Project\References\References!.xlsx] (ooxml, embedded labels, table is [Master Taxonomy]);

      Crosstable ([I-9 CM Variable], [I-9 CM Code], 2)
      Load recno() as ID, [Taxonomy],
      Resident Cardiology;

      Load ID, [I-9 CM Variable], [I-9 CM Code], Taxonomy Resident CardiologyPivot Where [I-9 CM Code] > 0;

      Left Join (CleanCardiologyPivot)
      Load [Taxonomy], [Taxonomy Category] Resident TaxonomyReference
      Where exists([Taxonomy]);


      This ran correctly for a bit, then on one of my reloads, the CleanCardiologyPivot is no longer recognized as a table. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?