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    Help with Tasks.

    Carlos Silva

      Well, I just posted this question but I think was deleted or something.


      I need to send 2 reports: a daily and a monthly report.


      Daily report: Everyday except 1st day of the month

      Monthly report: 1st day of the month


      NPrinting 17.2.1

      Qlik Sense 3.1


      Thanks in advance.



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          Carlos Silva

          Can anyone help me with this?


          Thanks in advance.

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            Stephen Jasionowski

            My suggestion:


            1. Create a variable in Qlik Sense to determine if the current date is the 1st of the month.

            2. Create a condition in NPrinting and set the variable equal to a constant to align with the value in the Sense variable.

            3. Create a publish task and attach the condition to the daily report in the task such that the task will only run if the variable is false (use the parameter for expected result).

            4. Use the same condition and attach to the monthly report and this time set the expected result to be true.

            5. Set the trigger in the publish task to daily. The reports will run every day except for the 1st of the month.


            You can do all of this inside a single publish task. Remember to attach the conditions to the reports in the task and not the task itself.


            Does this make sense?

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                Carlos Silva

                I will try this:


                1. I will create 2 variables: MonthStart(Today()) and Date(Today()).

                2. In the condition I will set this 2 variables and set 'equal to'.

                3. In the Task, when I set the condition, I will put this on 'False', so the task will send the report everyday except when this 2 variables are equal (First day of the month)


                It is ok?


                Thanks in advance