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    Increment Month in While loop

    Azmina Virani

          LET vDate = null;

          LET vStartDate = MonthStart(AddMonths(Date(Today()),-21));

              LET vEndDate = Monthend(AddMonths(Date(Today()),-1));

              LET vDDStartDate = Num(Date#(MonthEnd(addmonths(today()-1,-2)),'MM/DD/YYYY'))-3;

              LET vTest =Date(monthend($(vEndDate)));



             Do while vStartDate <= vEndDate   // Need the data from past 21 month to last month.



          FOR vDate =  date(AddMonths('$(vStartDate)',-2),'YYYY-MM-DD') to date(MonthEnd('$(vStartDate)'),'YYYY-MM-DD'); // FOR each month i need to look back at 2 months of data to get repeat customer in the last 3 months


          LET vDate = Date($(vDate), 'YYYY_MM_DD');


              LOAD     ID

                    FROM [lib://QVD/QVD/E_Cust$(vDate).qvd](qvd);   // FILES ARE SAVED DAILY FOR PREVIOUS DAY _ NEED TO LOOP THROUGH 3 month of data to get all cust and ID


          Next vDate;





                  LOAD DISTINCT


                      date(MonthEnd('$(vStartDate)'),'YYYY-MM-DD') as [Month Date]    // save the date of the month ran

                    RESIDENT Customer;       





                  CONCATENATE (CUSTFINAL)


                       LOAD *

                   FROM [lib://QVD/A.qvd](qvd);


                  STORE (CUSTFINAL) into [lib://QVD/A.qvd] ;




                DROP TABLES Customer ;       


          LET vStartDate = date(AddMonths('$(vStartDate)',1),'YYYY-MM-DD');   // This is the issue - not when the loop run i want the next month data to be extracted- when but once increment it - the top vStart Vaiable replaced this date