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    QS 3.1 Ops Manager fails to reload

    Brantley Hobbs

      Hi all!


      QS Enterprise 3.1 Ops manager fails to reload.  Has never reloaded since the initial installation.


      The "Operations_Monitor_Reload_Stats_3.1.0.txt" file tells me "There was a problem fetching data from QRS via the REST connector. Reload terminated.".  Following a lead on another discussion post, I have verified that the sa_repository account is RootAdmin, but it still fails.  I also am not running behind a virtual proxy.


      I didn't see anything that made any sense to me with the scheduler logs turned up to debug, but with the proxy logs turned up to debug, I got the following:


      "Failed to acquire user principal name from directory services  Server names cannot contain a space character"


      Anyone have any ideas?  This is frustrating.


      Thank you!