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    Run the app independent of the script in QlikSense

    Prateek Arora

      Hello All,


      I am trying to figure out to make an app run independent of the script. Suppose I make a app say 'Attendance System' for a Client 'A'. Client A has given me the data in the form of an excel sheet. I load all the columns of the excel, create visualizations and then publish the app. Now there are two other clients (B,C) who has the same requirements and needs the same kind of app published but the name of their excel columns differs.  Say for example.. :


                    Client A                                                       

      Employee ID Employee NameWorking Days


                  Client B                                                       

      DAS ID Name Billable days



                    Client C                                                      

      ID EName Days



      I want to use the same app to accommodate Client B  and many more such clients without having to change the field names (of Client A) used in the visualizations.